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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

She has a name!

So the first three months of pregnancy were hard for both Tommy and myself as we aren't secret keeping kind of people. When we first found out we were having a girl we started talking names but one has consistently been the top choice. We wanted to sit on it for a bit to make sure we were certain so after our 20 week appointment last week we were ready to make it official! 

Our sweet baby girl will be named....

Emma Claire Robinson 

How we got the name: Claire is my younger sister's name and my older sister's middle name so it's always been a favorite of mine. My sisters are my best friends so we thought it was only appropriate to name her after the two of them. Emma is a name we both have always liked. It's not a family name. We just liked it! 

We can't wait to meet her in just 19 weeks! Emma you are so loved already. Mom and dad can't wait to have you home with us! 

(We might have a thumb sucker on our hands- just like her momma)

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