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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Updates on us lately

Well last night we bought a car! Yay! It was time to move on from the Jeep and we bought ourselves a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. I am obsessed. We had been searching for probably over a month now and went to test drive a few weeks ago and knew this was what we wanted we just needed to find the right one at the right price. Yesterday during work Tommy was searching and found one that fit what we were looking for (3 rows, leather seats, low mileage) and he called the dealership about it. We headed up to the Mall of Georgia at 7 last night to check it out. We were able to get a decent trade in price and get them down on the price of the car to where we were wanting to be for a monthly payment and boom new car for the Robinsons! As Tommy says "you're just going to be mommy-ing around town in this car now". Anywho this car will be able to serve what our family needs for many years to come. 

It's just so pretty isn't it! 

I am 17 weeks pregnant today. I went to the doctor yesterday and all was good. We go back in three weeks for the big ultra sound to check out all her anatomy. I'm excited/nervous about every appointment but I'm feeling great. I am through the nauseous and over-exhausted part and into the starting to show part. It's amazing how much changes each week. 

We are back at school and going in full force for the next three weeks. I'm busy with my usual items as well as I've taken on being one of the three ladies that organizes the adopt-a-family program we have for students during the holidays. We have received so much support from the Sandy Springs Red Dot group from church this year. There are many families that have asked to sponsor a child with presents for the holidays. This came to be on my plate because we hired a new bookkeeper and our old bookkeeper always did more than what was in her job title so this was something that needed to be delegated to someone new. I'm happy to do it! 

This week we have Christmas going up in our house, taking dinner to a friend who just had a baby a few weeks ago tonight, dinner with my college girlfriends tomorrow, school math event on Thursday, and then mine and Ansley's annual Christmas party is Friday at my house. When I have a spare moment I'll be cleaning/decorating/baking/cooking for Friday! 

Oh how I love the month of December and the time surrounding the Holidays! 

Christmas Decorations to come once we get the ornaments on the tree tonight. 

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  1. I LOVE YOUR CAR! Gorgeous! I have to say... it was one of my favorite parts of updating for baby too! Ha!