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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Emma: 6 weeks

I'm sure no one cares about my weekly posts but I want to remember the little things that change with Emma. She changes so much each week right now!

Sleep: she is sleeping from around nine once she finishes her nightly feeding til between 6-7 am. I've had to wake her up twice the past week at seven but she also had one morning she woke up at 4:30. Naps are not her favorite. She will have awesome naps but then the next day she only wants to be held. 

Eating: she is a good eater and it's like clockwork every three hours during the day. She's getting more efficient so feedings aren't as long during the day but she eats between 45-60 minutes before bed. If she has a bottle she eats between 4-5 oz during the day or 6 before bed. I try to give her one bottle a day so she's used to it before I go back to work. I've been able to save a decent amount of milk so far. 

Play time: she really likes her activity mat to kick around after she eats. Her favorite thing though is being walked around. More and more she likes to be held so she can look out and look around. She LOVES to be outside. 

Milestones: she has smiled at us a few times. I think in the next week it'll be more consistent. She is happy when she is full but definitely tells you when she is tired or hungry. Her alert times are starting to stretch longer. 

Tonight she went swimming for the first time and really enjoyed it! She likes her bath so I thought she might like the pool as well. She stayed in the pool about twenty minutes before wanting to get out and then kicked around on the towel for a bit. I think she liked all the noise at the pool from the other patrons around her. She looked darling too! She was exhausted too she took a jice cat nap when we got home before her night feeding so we could eat dinner. Success! 

I can't believe how fast these six weeks have gone by. Emma, you are such a joy and we can't imagine life without you. We can't wait to see how much more you continue to change and grow. We love you so much sweet girl! 

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