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Friday, June 10, 2016

Emma: One Month

Emma, how are you one month already?! 

Height: 22 inches 
Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz
Clothes: 3 month
Diapers: size one 

Likes: Emma if you could be held and rocked/walked around 24 hours a day you would be a happy camper. You like your mam pacis but only on your time. You LOVE to be outside so we take you for a nightly walk and if we have a good night I try to walk in the morning before it gets too hot. 

Dislikes: like every kid I'm sure she hates the 20 minutes before a meal. When she's upset she does not like when you sit down. She doesn't like when you stop at red lights in the car or being stationary in general in her car seat. 

Emma you are such a joy to us all. We love watching how much you change every day. You are such a great sleeper and eater (clearly you little chunk!). We are going on day five of you sleeping from bedtime (just after 9pm) to between 5-6:30. You have really done well catching on to the moms on call schedule. Yesterday we went for your follow up with the cardiologist and we got a clear report! We go to your regular doctor on Monday for your one month check up. 

Over the past month you've been to Target, Kroger, Starbucks, Vintage Pizza, a tennis team party, a pool party, to watch daddy play tennis, Murphy candler to take Cooper swimming, the mall, mimi and grandpas house, and to Auntie Bonnie and uncle Brett's house. We have definitely gotten out and about as well as had many wonderful family and friend visitors who bring mommy and daddy dinner (HUGE thank you to all who have done this. What a life saver not having to cook!) we can't wait for all the adventures still to come and to see how much you continue to change. You are our biggest blessing and we love you to the moon and back sweet girl. 

Now a photo drop: 

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