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Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Friday night Tommy's cousin brought us dinner and we just relaxed at home. Every night we try to go for a walk because Emma likes the fresh air and it keeps her calm during the witching hour. 

Saturday morning we woke up early and got our day started. My best friend from growing up (friends since sixth grade) was moving down to West Palm to move in with her boyfriend Andrew, who is Tommy's best friend, and so they stopped in before driving the moving van down. Andrew's parents came by as well to meet Emma. We all had breakfast and visited for a bit. Andrew hadn't met Emma yet either! 

After their visit we went to HIT for tommys tennis match. Emma and I didn't last long because it was too hot for her. She got REAL irritable very quickly. She looked so cute in her tennis dress though!

Saturday afternoon we just tested at home and got our newborn pictures back! 
Sweet sleepy angel 

Saturday later in the afternoon brad and Elizabeth Mitchler popped in for a few minutes before we headed to see the Hartman's new house. Our friends Andrew and Kyle moved just down the street from us which is so fun! We hung out and ate pizza with them. Tommy helped put their patio furniture together. 

Sunday Emma was just off all day. She wasn't in the best mood from the git go. Audrey and Rob turner (Aud is one of my best friends from college who lives in Kabsas City now) came over on their way back in town from a wedding in Athens to visit. It was so nice to spend a few hours together and for them to meet Emma. 

My parents also dropped by for a little bit while their house was having an open house. 

Ansley and Matt Reynolds dropped off dinner (shrimp fried rice and edamame YUM!) and then we took our nightly walk which ended with us sprinting home in the pouring rain. #parentfail 

Today is fortunately off to a better start than yesterday. Emma slept til SIX THIRTY from 9:30 last night. WHAT?! I of course woke up every hour in the night looking at the monitor thinking to myself "she's STILL asleep?!" Hoping this becomes a regular occurrence. She is four weeks tomorrow and one month this Friday so I'll do a one month update later this week! 

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