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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Top 5 photos

Today's topic is top 5 photos of all time but I really couldn't narrow that much so top 10 it is for me! 

 1. The day Tommy and I got married {5.31.14} #bestdayever My wedding day is what started this crazy journey called life with my partner and I am oh so grateful that he is my partner in this life.
2. The day Emma was born {5.10.16}. This was the first picture I took of her before anyone else got to meet her. The rolls...the cheeks...the snuggles...I could have stayed in that position forever.

3. The first time we met Cooper and the day he came home {December 2012} Oh he was so tiny and soft. 
4. The day Emma was baptized and both our families were all gathered together to celebrate. This is so special to me. {September 11, 2016}
5. My beautiful family. We got these pictures taken for my Nana's 80th birthday and I will forever cherish these beautiful pictures. 
6. I just love this picture. I think Emma was 10 days old here and we were going to the pool with some friends. I think this was one of my first outings away from the house and Emma was so relaxed. 
7. This bond is so precious to me. We were all sitting around at the beach and Cooper just came over and plopped himself right next to Emma to protect her. He had never gotten this close to her before. She is his favorite. He gets all the belly laughs. He's in for it when she can chase after him. 
8. There is something so special about your parents loving on your own child. Seeing my parents as grandparents has been such a joy to watch. They love on Emma and Collier and we are so thankful they live so close. 
9. This might be my favorite picture of Emma. You can see how she smiles through her eyes and dimples in this one. She is my favorite and lights up the room with that smile of hers. 
10. Love watching Tommy as a dad. Emma loves him so and I hope she knows how lucky she is to have him as her protector. 

I'm sure I could have picked so many more but these show you a lot of what makes me, me!


  1. What fun pictures. Grandparents and the bond they have with our kids certainly is something

  2. Emma at the pool is so cute! She looks so happy and relaxed!