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Friday, May 12, 2017

Emma is ONE!

ONE Year 

And I'm a puddle of tears just thinking about every memory we've made over the past year and how much our lives have changed since you made your grand entrance into the world. I can't believe how fast this past year went. By far the fastest year of my life! Emma you are pure JOY and bring so much love and laughter to your dad and me. We are beyond blessed to be called "mama" and "dada".

Weight: 23 lbs 14 oz (94th percentile)
Height: 29 1/2 in (63rd percentile)
Head: 46cm (79th percentile)
Diaper: Size four
Shoe: Size 3
Clothes: 12 months but 18 month pajamas

Milestones: You took your first steps this past month! We have to coax you and be within a foot or two but you'll do it. If you are holding something you will get distracted and stay standing not holding onto anything for awhile. You can walk with just holding one of your hands in ours. You've started saying our names with intention behind it and not just babbling those sounds. You've added "dog" to a word you've said. 

Likes: Still liking just about all food. You love to laugh at yourself and make yourself laugh all the time, water tables (thanks to your Auntie Bonnie and Uncle Brett you have your own now!), playing in the dirt/sand, walks in your wagon with mommy and daddy, patting cooper when he gets close to you, stealing coopers ball and tossing it to him to play with you, climbing on EVERYTHING and opening all drawers and doors you can get to. 

Dislikes: You still have a serious hate for headbands (sigh), when you are closed in a room by a door, this past week has been rough in the mornings because I stopped nursing you in the mornings (transition back to bottle with daddy has not been the easiest on any of us), when I say "no" to you for tossing food off the side of your highchair when you are done with a meal, getting something taken away you shouldn't have (insert tantrum here), and the car seat on the way home from daycare. Ear infections have been our worst enemy so now being on your 6th antibiotic we are going to see an ENT in a few weeks about getting you tubes (major dislike from momma too). 

This past month your personality has blossomed. You think we are so funny and you think you are hilarious. I can really tell you understand what I'm saying to you and you show you are listening to me. You love exploring new things and exploring new sounds coming out of your mouth. This past month you had a weekend with just mom and a weekend with just dad. We are excited for some more family time on the weekends in the coming weeks and getting to celebrate your birthday this weekend! I can't wait to see what is in store next for you and your development. That smile just melts us with those big blue eyes. You are our greatest gift and I am so grateful god has trusted us in raising you sweet girl. Happy 1st birthday Emma!

photo dump

Some from our family shoot:

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