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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a hectic one and Tommy was out of town on his Annual Golf Trip with 16 buddies. Friday night was the school carnival which Emma came with me to. It was a great turn out! After carnival, my friends Kyle, Meghan and Elizabeth came over to hang out since all the husbands were away. 

Saturday Emma and I went to my friend Alex's house to hang out with friends in/by the pool in her backyard. It was such a beautiful day outside and Emma LOVED the pool! I didn't take any pictures Friday or at the pool. I was too in the moment to snag any pictures. After the pool time I took Emma home for her nap before driving her over to my parents house for the night. Her last stay at 833 Chestnut Lake Drive since my parents moved today (serious tears emoji). I then scooted home to shower and get ready for Kiersten and Tom's wedding. 

Kier is a friend from college whom I've gotten to know much better since graduating and Tom also went to UGA with us. They now live in Columbia, SC for his residency program. The wedding was stunning and Kier was such a beautiful bride! The wedding was at the Emory Conference Center Hotel. Her band was awesome! We had a great night dancing the night away! So nice having some of my friends who live out of town here and getting to catch up in person. My college girlfriends have moved all over the place so when we get together I try to soak up every minute I can! 

 Carly (ATL), me, Alex (ATL), Lizzie (ATL), Hinkle (DC), Gorman (NYC), and Audrey (Kansas City)

The brunette bridesmaid is Stephanie (LA), Kier the beautiful bride (SC), and the blonde bridesmaid is Colleen (Nashville). 

We had such a fun night and are so happy for the newlywed Ergens!

Sunday I had a baby shower for my friend, Colette, whom I used to work with at Lake Forest. She is due on May 22nd and she doesn't know what she is having. It was great to see some of my old co-workers and to celebrate baby Fraser! (I was too busy wrangling in my mobile child so I stole this picture from Adrienne's Instagram!)

It was a busy weekend filled with a lot of love and laughter but I was ready for my husband to come home! 

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