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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Life Lately

I haven't done a blog update in awhile so here's a little snapshot on what has been going on with us the past few weeks. 
This is the 5th grade walk on the last day of school. Can't believe how fast this school year went. I had to leave around 12 that day because I managed to get into the pediatric ENT with Emma because they had a cancelation. Well after that visit our weekend was really thrown for a loop. We were just going in for a consulatation about tubes and her ears were so bad and she was on her THIRD antibiotic for the current ear infection (7th for the past 6 months) so the doctor managed to find one of his colleagues who had an opening on Friday for her to get tubes. Not ideal timing as it was my post planning day, tommy was already gone on a bachelor party, my parents were already at the beach (which Emma and I were supposed to be joining them), and my sister was in Mexico. Thankfully my in-laws live here too so they joined me on Friday for her surgery. Thanks Tom and Courtney for the moral support! 
So with the situation above Thursday ended up being Emma's last day of daycare for the year. We are so thankful for the care she's gotten this past year from her teachers. She (and me!) are going to miss them this Summer. She will go back in the infant room for a week or so as they transition her to the toddler room once I go back to work at the end of July. I am SO excited about the next two months at home with Emma! (Can you believe how much she has changed since August 2016!)

On Friday morning, Emma and I took some donuts to her teachers (I had planned on doing this all along but again was abruptly done with daycare) to keep us busy and her distracted from the fact that she couldn't eat before her surgery (which we checked in at 10:30am and her surgery was right around 12:00pm). 

 Trying to keep her entertained as we waited in our room for them to take her back to the OR room. 

She fell asleep while we were waiting. That double whammy of motrin and tylenol from the nurses knocked this little lady out. 

 She really did so well. I could tell she felt almost instant relief from the fluid being drained from her ears with the current infection. I pray that she has a much easier time when it comes to fighting off any infections that might come her way now that she's gotten the tubes put in. This was her on Friday afternoon.
 We spent most of our weekend poolside with friends while Tommy was away. Fortunately babies don't really swim with their heads submerged under water so she didn't really have any restrictions as far as the surgery went this weekend (minus not being able to have a bath and have water come above her shoulders for a few days).

 Monday was our neighborhood cookout at the pool and Tommy was home so we went up there for lunch for a bit. There is too much action going on for her to look at me! She was pretty cranky this weekend and clingy to me but she also has her molars trying to poke through. Poor thing has just not been herself lately.

 Love her little stars and stripes outfit for memorial day (and she wore a bow for a solid 30 minutes. That is BIG for lately!)
 Her new thing is to force a laugh when she hears someone else laughing. This is mid-laugh at lunch today with Ansley and Elizabeth. We are getting while the getting is good before Gavin makes his debut. Gavin is due this Thursday so any day now he could be making his grand entrance. We hope sooner rather than later! We are so ready to meet you little guy!
Everyone except maybe Emma ha! She knows she is about to be second place to the newest addition to our framily. Really happy Summer break is here!

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