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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Weekend Recap: Graduation edition

This past weekend James and Claire graduated from UGA and we got to celebrate them a lot this weekend! I took Friday off work and headed up with my parents mid-morning to meet the twins for lunch downtown. We stopped by both of their houses to scoop them up before heading to "The Place" for lunch (with a pit-stop at Starbucks on the way). This restaurant is new since I left Athens and it was delicious! Mom and I both got a fried green tomato pimento cheese BLT YUMMMM. 

We then headed to East Campus to meet up with Nana and Bonnie for James' convocation with the engineering school. There were a LOT of engineers graduating that day. The most engineers since they started the engineering school which is pretty neat. James was the 4th from last to graduate ;)

From here we headed back downtown to Magnolias for a few afternoon drinks (out of the rain) before the big convocation in Stanford Stadium at 7pm. Boy it was COLD on Friday night. We got to the stadium around 6:30 and it took til about 7:45 for all the graduates to file into their seats on the field. The speeches were really great. The keynote speaker was Ernie Johnson who has such an interesting story and he really spoke so well to the crowd. We left shortly after just before everything wrapped up because we were all shaking from how cold we were. Bonnie and I zipped back home in no time. We had a great day in Athens! 

 You can see James and his orange tassle.
 Claire waving!

Saturday I played a playoff tennis match and lost in the third set :( what a bummer. It was a beautiful day outside though to play a match! Once I got home I showered and we headed to the Hartman's house for the derby and some dinner. We had a very relaxing night with friends which was great. 

Sunday morning we woke up early to get ready for our family photos with Lindsey Hansen for Emma's one year pictures (!) more to come in the next few days of those! We then came home for Emma to nap before we ran to Costco and Newks for some family errand time before her afternoon nap. Sunday afternoon we had a graduation party with family friends at Bonnie's house to celebrate the twins. It was a great turnout and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. James and Claire are easy to celebrate! Looking forward to seeing what is in store next for them and their careers. Claire left today for 12 weeks as an intern with LEADabroad in Rome and in Greece. I can't wait to hear about her travels and see pictures from her exploring. Once she's back we shall see what is next for her! James is on the hunt for a job currently and is planning to go to the beach while he job searches (lucky guy!)

Coming next is Emma's ONE year update as her birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe it!

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