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Friday, December 12, 2014

Making Memories

This has been a week of making memories and enjoying the loved ones in my life. (While also trying to survive the next 5 days of school before Winter break). 
Monday night was the most calm night of my week with just enjoying cooking a nice dinner (spaghetti squash primavera...yummm) and spending time with my husband. 

Tuesday after school I headed over to my parents house to help my mom put the ornaments on their tree. This day is always so hard for my mother because it's the anniversary of my aunt Penny's passing. I can't believe it's been ten years since she left us on this earth. I was only 15 when she passed away and thinking back I really didn't quite understand the implications. The older I get, the more I realize what Penny has missed and the affect it must have on my mom. I am so close with my sisters, and I can't imagine how hard it must be for my mom that her sister didn't get to see us get married, see the twins grow into the wonderful people they are today (they were only 9 when she passed), see my sister going through her pregnancy now, and so many other major life events. Penny was a special person and a devout christian. This gives me such comfort as she was at peace with her illness at the time and seemed content with what was happening to her. I think what hurts the most is seeing the sadness on my mom and nana's faces when she comes up. Within the past couple months, my parents got all their home videos transferred to DVD and it's been so weird seeing my Aunt, and two deceased grandfathers. The holidays always make you appreciate the ones in your life and miss the ones who aren't here anymore. Last year my mom gave us all this ornament from Penny's hospice and it really hit me hard when I put that ornament on my tree and my parents tree this year. 
I know she is looking down and is so proud of the life my parents built for our family. 

Wednesday night I went to Tin Lizzy's with my current and former (now stay-at-home momma) work friends. It was SO wonderful getting to catch up with Catherine and Lindsey who I miss getting to see every day. We could sit at the table and talk for hours as though no time has passed. I have learned so much over the years from the two of them and am so thankful for their friendships. I have been lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends at school and I cherish the friendships that have started from within the walls of Lake Forest. 

Thursday night I had a gift exchange and dinner with a few of my college friends (the only ones still in Atlanta). My friends, Carly, hosted us and boy did she treat us like queens. She served us a three course delicious meal and wine. She even had menus made for our dinner. Just perfect! 
I am so grateful for these friendships that started in Athens and will forever be in my life. I am so happy that my friends from college are doing great things all across the world but I sure do miss them. The six of us get to see each other often (Elizabeth Sullivan, Carly Krei, Colleen Storey, Kiersten Williford, and Lauren Gorman) which is such a blessing. We had a great night catching up, drinking wine, eating great food, and opening some presents. I of course took pictures of each course because they were that great! We decided we are going to make this a yearly thing and always have Carly host because she's that good! 
 (Tomato basil soup with grilled cheese croutons)
 (sauteed zucchini, gouda mac and cheese, and stuffed pork wrapped in prosciutto)
(german chocolate pie)

We had a great time and I think Carly liked her present! (she ended up having me too!)

I sure love the month of December and getting to spend time with the people who mean the most to me. Loving all the christmas cards that are making their way into our home as well. As my dad always says, "thank you god for all the blessings of this life." 

(my homemade card holder made from a sign from Hobby Lobby and glued some ribbon to hang down. I spray painted some clothes pins and boom there ya go)

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