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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Time for a break

Every year the month of December brings many different feelings. At work: exhaustion and need for a break. The month of December at school is always hectic and reminds me we are halfway through the year which totally stresses me out!  At home: excitement for time with family and friends celebrating the joy of the season. Everyday I left work exhausted from another day but excited for what I was doing that night. This week was a crazy week like the rest of the month!

Favorite moments of the week: 
Tuesday- round robin with our tennis team. Was so great to get out and hit around with our mixed team. 

Thursday: my work holiday party at Taco Mac. We had a great time and so thankful for my wonderful coworker friends!
(My good friend Sarah who teaches 5th with me) 

Friday: winter celebration day at school. This was the most seamless day before a break I've had in my short career thus far. We did all kinds of fun activities and I think my students really enjoyed themselves! We read to a kindergarten class, had a pancake party while practicing our fractional measurements, made gingerbread houses for a class competition, bingo, and dancing to just dance on the Wii in the gym. It was a fun-filled day!! 

( a gift from the newest member on my team, Mrs. Powell. This was such a generous gift of my favorite pens. Only my teacher friends will understand how excited I was when I opened this!) 

Friday night Tommy and I went to "There" for dinner to celebrate him getting a new job YAY!!! We then came home, scooped up Cooper, and went driving around looking at Christmas lights. Was a wonderful end to the busy work week. 

Saturday: met four of my best friends for mimosas and brunch at Kaleidoscope. This is the first saturday I didn't feel the need to do household chores because I have two weeks to do it. Enjoyed my four hour lunch catching up with friends. It was perfect. 

Saturday night we joined my family at "Thirteen Pies" to celebrate my younger brother and sister's 20th birthday. I can't believe they are twenty. James and Claire are two of the best people I know. I'm so lucky to call them family. We had a wonderful dinner and went to see the blow up house on Peachtree Dunwoody after. My mom was absolutely amazed! There's nothing I love more than spending quality time with my wonderful family. It is so special when we can get everyone together. (Not easy to do when there are nine of you and two of which are in college) 

All in all its been a wonderful week and it's only gonna get better from today on. I can't wait to see friends that are in town for the holidays and spending time celebrating the birth of Jesus with both our families. 

(Some pictures from the birthday dinner) 

Enjoy this week celebrating the reason for the season. God bless and Merry Christmas! 

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