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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

We had a very busy weekend (I was not very good at picture documenting this weekend unfortunately) this weekend that started with me finally being able to officially announce my promotion! Friday afternoon, my principal announced the placements for next year and everyone found out I'm the new Adminstrative Assistant. I realize that sounds like I'm a secretary but in a school it's different. I'll be overseeing all the RTI, response to intervention, program and running those meetings, discipline and our k-9 kids program. I'll be a part of Administration and it'll be a great opportunity for me. I'm so excited to be in the same school next year but doing something different. It'll definitely be a huge change not being in the classroom but I was ready for a change. I can always go back in the classroom. These opportunities don't present themselves everyday! 

Friday night, we had a cookout at Tommy's parents house because his sister Beth came in town for the weekend.  It was great to see her and her cute puppy, Cody. We had a delicious dinner with great company. 

Saturday morning Tommy headed out golfing early with his high school buddies and I got ready for my hectic day. I started my day off with a nice luncheon shower for my friend, Caroline, at the Swan Coach House. She and I met through our sorority in college and now she is marrying one of Tommy's oldest friends, Drew. They are wonderful friends who we are so excited to see getting married after dating for seven years! Their wedding is August 8, 2015. 

From the shower, I drove to McDonough for my tennis match. The traffic was awful and it took me over an hour to get there. I won thankfully in three sets. I wasn't about to drive all that way, make it to a third set and not win! From Mcdonough I headed back and straight to my in-laws for Easter dinner with Tommy's family. 

We had Tommy's parents, sister, cousin and Aunt for dinner. I made spinach dip for an appetizer and potato salad for dinner. The menu was: ham, potato salad, bread rolls, spring salad, deviled eggs and Lemon cake for dessert. It was all delicious! 
Here's the only picture I took that day of the adorable cake Aunt Marsha made. 

After handing out for awhile, we stopped by the Maxey's house on our way home to say hi to the twins who were in town from Florida. They were Tommy's best men in our wedding. It was great to see them and their parents for a little bit. It was a long day filled with family and friends. 

Easter Sunday, we got up early and went to the early service with my sister, Brett and Collier. Collier did great at his first church service! The sermon from our new pastor was great. I really like him and look forward to the sermons to come. 

After church we stopped by mynsister's on the way home to give Collier his Easter gift. Shocking, I only took pictures of Collier that day! 

Here is collier pre-peeing on me in his cute easter outfit my sister bought him. 

Here is the one she took to show his bum. 
My gift to him was the duck hat and duck socks. I just couldn't resist! 

We then went to my parents for Easter lunch with my whole family. The twins came home from UGa for the weekend and my Aunt Margot joined as well. I again made spinach dip to start with. Our menu at my parents was: coronation chicken salad, cheese rolls, rice with chopped bell peppers, spring salad, and deviled eggs. I made a brownie trifle for dessert and nana made a carrot cake. Again it was all delicious! 

We had a great day celebrating our Lord with my family. I always love when we can get everyone together. 

We had a fantastically busy weekend (per usual) and I'm excited to have a relaxing week of spring break. Day one has been a success! Went to the dentist followed by lunch with my mom, Nana, Bonnie and Collier at our favorite place Oak Street Cafe in Roswell. I am going to be well rested and my house will be clean by the end of this week. 

Happy easter and happy spring! 

Random other note is I finally embroidered something for myself. I bought this runner at Tuesday Morning because it matched my dining room perfectly!

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