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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week... We are having a pretty busy week this week between our different hobbies so I'm resorting to some crockpot meals that are quick and easy that we can each eat at different times. I've made my salsa chicken that we enjoy on salads and tortillas for both lunches and dinners. 

What I'm reminiscing about... All my friends weddings we have had lately. It's been busy but so wonderful being able to get together with all my girlfriends from college. I don't get to see many of them often so it's been great to catch up with everyone!

What I'm loving... the beautiful weather that allows me to enjoy my walks in the afternoon with Cooper and time spent with Tommy out on the back deck. Everyone is in a better mood when the sun is shining!

What we've been up to...WEDDINGS, SHOWERS, AND MORE WEDDING RELATED EVENTS. Yes this is our year of crazy. We have 8 weddings this year and many of them are our closest friends so we not only have the wedding but all the events leading up to the event. This is also some of the busiest time of year for me at work. The end of the year is testing and 5th grade crazy time. 

What I'm dreading....I am really not looking forward to having to pack up my classroom and finding a place to put all my stuff. I will probably end up giving away a lot of it but want to keep some stuff in the off chance I go back into the classroom soon. Over the past 4 years I have accumulated a lot of stuff and I hate having to pack things in boxes. 

What I'm excited about...I'm really excited about celebrating our 1 year anniversary next month! I can't believe how fast the past year has gone. A lot has changed over the past 11 months with us. We both have applied for new jobs. Tommy started his new job in January and I will start this summer. My sister had a baby and many of my friends have gotten engaged/married. It's been a wonderful year filled with many great memories to last a lifetime!

What I'm watching/reading...I am on a serious binge of watching PARENTHOOD. It's just such a great show. I've been watching since about Easter and I am obsessed. It's driving Tommy crazy because it's the only thing I want to watch. I ordered Carry On Warrior that I'm really looking forward to reading. A friend from work highly recommended it and so I am going to start that whenever it comes in the mail. 
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What I'm listening to...I just have been listening to the Bert Show and their tunes whenever I'm in the car. Nothing really new in my music listening. 
Image result for the bert show

What I'm wearing...I am back in my full-swing of spring Maxi Dresses. I can't wait for my new one form Anthropologie to arrive! I am OBSESSED with the Colors and Poppies on it. 

What I'm doing this weekend...This weekend we are watching my parents dog, Holly, for the weekend while they are at the beach. On Saturday night, we are throwing a couples shower for our friends Caroline and Drew. On Sunday I will most likely be playing in the tennis playoffs and delivering dinner to our friends, The Stewarts, and meet their precious baby girl. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...I'm excited about closing one chapter in my career and starting a new one. I'm ready for this school year to be over and start my summer vacation. We have some fun events planned over the weekends in May leading up to our anniversary which we will be celebrating in Atlanta on the day and taking a trip in July to celebrate. We are going to a friends lake house for Memorial Day weekend which is always a great time! Looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather with the ones I love. 


  1. Came over from the link-up! I loove that Anthropologie dress!

  2. I also came over from "What's Up Wednesday?!?" That Anthro maxi is adorable and you are going to fall in love with Glennon! I'm telling are going to go to her sight and read it for another 4 hours and then buy one of her tshirts that say "Pass it On" and then read her blog for another 4 hours and then then wish there was something else you can buy and then be sad when you've read everything and bought everything. LOL! BTW, the "Pass it On" long sleeve, dolman style is totally precious and I get lots of compliments. Well darn, just went to the site and it's no longer there. :(

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Parenthood! - Seri from

  4. You'll have to tell me how that book is! That's the blogger who posted that sweet note from a teacher during testing that I sent you. I love her posts on FB and her posts on Instagram are hilarious too - you need to follow her (momastery).