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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

This was the first weekend in a LONG time we didn't have too much going on. We went to dinner across the street to eat with our new neighbors. Excited to have people similar to our age move in and are really nice people!

Yesterday I took Cooper for a swim then for a nice walk! Later I met Ansley to get our nails done (needed to get them done for the wedding next weekend). Love the white/pale pink neutral color I got. 
OPI- don't burst my bubble 

We headed to Canton Street in Roswell for a triple date plus Katherine for an early dinner/drinks at Ceviche. Followed by a nightcap at Mac McGee. It was a very relaxing night with great friends!

(Katherine flew in from Jackson, WY and came straight to dinner to join us. Poor thing got knee surgery four weeks ago and is struggling with the recovery. So great to see her!) 

Today is a very rainy day so we are taking full advantage of having a lazy day at home. The only good thing about this rain is what it has done for our yard! 

(Took this before the rain today)

View from my dining room today. So much green and blooms happening in the rain (new drapes too!) 

I have a BUSY week ahead with a make-up tennis match, standardized testing and Audrey's wedding festivities starting Thursday night. 

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