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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Spring Break 2015

Linking up with Andrea and Erika today for Friday Favorites! 

The joys of working in the education world is that you get SPRING BREAK! This year due to Tommy not getting much vacation with his new job and a new nephew I was in Atlanta the whole time. I started off my week with a bang. 

Monday: Went to the dentist which was painful fine then went to my mom's house to hang out with my sister, Collier and my grandma. We were there for one of my sister's friends to meet Collier then headed to our favorite place, Oak Street Cafe, for lunch. It's nice having my sister on maternity leave because she can join for these lunches for the time being too. I came home from lunch and did some things around the house before leaving for Roswell again to meet up with Tommy's family at Moxie Burger for dinner before his sister left town to head back to Charleston. 

Tuesday: I woke up early, ran to Starbucks to grab coffee for Bonnie and myself, then headed to hang out with Bonnie and Collier for the morning. I took Cooper with me to meet Collier for the first time. He was keeping guard and was very sweet with Collier. He gave him a nice big kiss on his ear. Cooper and Henley (Bonnie's Dog) always love playing together too. They love each other so much!

After I left Bonnie's I came home and took a quick nap with Cooper before getting right into the thick of my endorsement classwork. I am getting my leadership endorsement this year and am almost done! My portfolio is due at the end of April and I will be DONE! It was a beautiful afternoon so I sat on the porch and worked while Cooper played in the back yard. I ended my night at my weekly tennis clinic. Oh how much I love having tennis back into my routine. I have been playing with the same team now for two years and I love it. The team is made up of a bunch of my sister's friends from college and then Ansley and myself. 

Wednesday: I went to Catch Air (this indoor play place) with my friends Lindsey and Catherine. Lindsey has two boys, Woody and Gaines, and Catherine has a daughter, Gracelyn. The kids had a great time going from place to place. Around 11 there was a dance party with Mickey Mouse which was too funny. 

After playtime, we headed across the street to El Azteca for lunch and my friends Sarah joined us. It was great getting to catch up with the girls and hear about everything going on with them. The little are getting so big. It's been so much fun seeing them grow and seeing their families expand. Excited for one day joining them for play dates with my own kid. 

Wednesday night, I hosted dinner for my college friends. We try to every few weeks have dinner at one of our houses and drink a lot of wine. Life has been so hectic lately with so many bachelorette parties and weddings it hasn't happened in awhile. Since it was my spring break I figured this was the best time for me to cook a nice dinner. I made a Skinny Taste cookbook recipe for pasta with Italian sausage, kale and red peppers. It was a big hit and everyone got seconds! Enjoyed a girls night of wine and catching up. Excited to spend the weekend together for our friend's wedding as well!

Thursday: I took my time getting up and went for a morning walk with my across the street neighbor. They just moved in three months ago and had a baby the week after moving in so we haven't really gotten to know them well yet so what better way than to go for a walk with the baby and the dog. After my walk, I showered and met Tommy at BarTaco in Buckhead for lunch. I've been wanting to try this place out. The house margarita was so refreshing and the guacamole was delicious! Such a neat atmosphere inside too. After lunch I popped in at my sisters to get my Collier fill for the day and to see both my mom and Bonnie. The rest of the day consisted of grocery shopping, cleaning the house and filing our taxes (nothing quite like waiting until the last minute). This week I've gotten hooked on "Parenthood" on Netflix too.  Enjoyed my somewhat relaxing day of spring break. 

Friday: I met my mom at Goldbranch park for a walk with the dogs and for them to go swimming. It was quite eventful! We got rained on, walked with thunder and we came across two copperheads going across our walking path. Anything but relaxing! Brought the dogs back to my moms house so we could go to lunch. 
 This is my dog, Cooper, and my sisters dog, Henley, after getting soaked on our walk. 

Mom and I went to Chicken Salad Chick for lunch and then I drove Henley back to my sister's and came home for the afternoon. Just got back from grabbing a drink with one of my best friends, Kristen, and her husband, Fred, who are visiting from France for the weddings we have coming up. They are going to stay with us tonight and we are all gonna go to the wedding together tomorrow. We are finishing cleaning up the house for a cookout at our house tonight with a few couples for the Braves game. I will blog about the wedding and the rest of our weekend later. 

This Spring Break was definitely a favorite of mine because I got to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends!

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