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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My appreciation for my Husband

Ok I just have to do a sappy post every once in awhile and after this weekend I needed to do one about my husband, Tommy. I had my friend, Samantha, and her boyfriend, Dave, staying with me for the wedding. I was IN the wedding so I wasn't really around at ALL. He took the reigns and really filled in for me. On Friday, he ubered (not sure if that could be a word!) to Midtown and just sat in a bar waiting for me after the rehearsal making conversation with people he didn't know from the wedding family. Then on Saturday, he went to brunch with all my girlfriends and their significant others. After brunch, he took the boyfriends/husbands all around town to try Top Golf (total bust b/c of the wait) then bowling (again a total bust) and then eventually somewhere to play shuffleboard. He doesn't know the significant others very much but he entertained them for the whole day without a single complaint. It is a wonderful quality of his that I don't have to be around for him to show my friends how much they mean to not only me but to him. I am so appreciative of his understanding and help. He loves my friends and they love him back. He is just the best and I am SO lucky that he is mine! 

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