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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Friday favorites

Today I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika for Friday favorites. 

This was my first full week of summer break so I had lots of favorites!

1. I went to visit a friend of mine from college to meet her new bundle. Rhett is almost four weeks old and Casey looks great. I was too busy catching up that I never took a picture so I stole this one from her Instagram from today! 
And I made this onesie for him for football season. 
It was great to see her and get some quality time catching up on life lately. 

2. I went to Ecco with my college girlfriends for dinner and we had a great time. Always lots of laughs with these ones!

3. A summer favorite is being able to have impromptu lunch dates with Tommy. 

4. Babysitting my nephew is always a favorite! We watched him Tuesday night so my sister and her husband could go out for their anniversary. 

5. Summer days mean being able to hang out with my mom but a bonus this week was that Bonnie is still on maternity leave and the twins are both in Athens so we drove to Athens for lunch with all my siblings and my mom. Definitely my all-time favorite!! We went to our fav route place, Last Resort! 

6. Supper club is a monthly favorite of mine. This month Christy hosted for a margarita and Mexican themed night! We had a great night just catching up and enjoying each other's company! 

7. Summer break also means I have time to meet my mom in the mornings to walk the dogs at the river. Seeing Cooper's smiling face when he gets to go swimming is the best! 
And it makes for a very tired dog the rest of the day!

8. lastly from this week, having time to enjoy embroidering things for friends. Here are a few items I did this week. 

Looking forward to spending my day with my friends Catherine and Lindsey and their little ones at my pool. Miss not having them at work with me anymore but so thankful to have kept up these friendships since they became moms. They are two of the best people! (Their kiddos are pretty great too!) 

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