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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Caroline's Bachelorette in Charleston

This weekend was my friend's, Caroline, bachelorette in Charleston. We rented a house on the Isle of Palms. I came a day early to spend the day/night with my sister-in-law who lives in Mount Pleasant. We had a beach day, hibachi dinner and brunch just the two of us. Nice to get some alone time with her to chat and catch up!

Friday afternoon is when all the other girls arrived. We headed down to the beach for a bit before ordering pizza for dinner. We stayed in for the lingerie shower followed by a Coconut Joes visit for some dancing and drinks on Isle of Palms. Here are some pictures of the awesome house we rented and some decorations her MOH put up! 

Saturday we had a delicious brunch made by her MOH, Rachel. 

Followed by a few hours at the beach! Everyone wore their tanks (that o embroidered). It was good times with good friends. We were able to enjoy the beach til around 2:30 when the storm came blowing through. We went back to the house to change to grab a late lunch at Coconut Joes. Delicious beachside seafood! 
(Cup holder was a gift from the groom and the hat was a gift from the bride and mother of the bride. So sweet!)

After lunch we went to the house and all started getting ready for the night. We all got dressed in black and Caroline in white for our dinner and night out in Charleston! 

We went to High Cotton for dinner and it was fantastic! We got the picnic plate to share for a starter and I got shrimp and grits for dinner. I would recommend! 

(Out of the 12 girls on the trip there were 7 of us who had our significant other on the bachelor party for Drew who is Caroline's fiancĂ©. Pretty crazy!...not pictured is Emily and I'm not sure where she went!) 
(All our husbands/fiances lived together after college in Atlanta. They were all together this weekend in Destin for andrews bachelor party. These people are life-long great friends who are very special to both myself and Tommy) 

After dinner we went to the Market Hotel rooftop which had wonderful views of Charleston (where I forgot to take pictures) and danced for a bit before heading to Mynt for more dancing. We had a great night celebrating Caroline. We took a van from our house and back. 

We had a wonderful weekend! Excited for August 8th to celebrate their marriage. 

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