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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika today for Friday Favorites!

Today is more of a shopping addition (this is what happens when you watch your nephew and are at home which leads to online shopping oops!)

1. I have been eyeing this LOFT dress for awhile now and was waiting for it to go on sale. Today LOFT is having 40% off everything so I went for it! I was wanting to get a few new things to take on my trip to Portland/Seattle in July. Hoping this looks good on me when I get it! 

2. Anthropologie is having their TAG sale with some items up to 50% off. I am obsessed with these shirts and the sale made them normal priced! Is 4 too much?? My husband might kill me. 

3. I have been binging on Orange is The New Black newest season this week. I can't watch it when Collier is awake because of the foul language but it's entertained me while monogramming the past two days. 

4. I am SO enjoying having some free days to do as I please so yesterday I went to my school to eat lunch with my two friends, Sarah and Adrienne, as they are working on IB unit writing. Three exciting things happened while I was there. 1) I moved my stuff from my classroom to my new OFFICE! 2) My new principal was named Wednesday night at the Board meeting and he happened to stop by while I was there yesterday and I got to meet him. Seems really nice and hoping he brings some great things to LF. 3) My friend Adrienne told me she is PREGNANT! So excited for her and Trey. They might just have a Christmas baby! So fun!! 

5. A Summer FAVORITE of mine is going to the pool. I have two pool dates with best friends today to enjoy the sunshine. Georgia is so hot it is a MUST to be IN the water the whole time at the pool. 

(What is it gonna be like in August?!) 

TGIF! Happy Weekend!

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