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Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend recap

We had a pretty busy weekend to bring July to a close. Friday was my older sister's, Bonnie, birthday. My nana and I went to lunch with her and collier. From lunch I went to my first admin meeting at school to get caught up on everything I missed while I was away. 

Friday night we had a party for Bonnir and two other girls on our tennis team that have July birthdays. We went to the Kilch's house for a margaritas and mustaches party! So fun and great night. 

Saturday morning I woke up early to head to my parents church for a charity event that my mother is the co-chairman of. Cool girls is an organization that's been in Atlanta for 26 years and my parents church as been involved with them for 24 of those years. St. Peter and St. Paul's always hosts them for a back to school shopping day where they get some fun things, do crafts, dance, and eat chick fil a lunch. At the end of the day they each get to take home a new backpack filled with school supplies and other goodies to start their year off. We had about 115 inner city girls come and they had a great day. It's a huge undertaking for my mom but the girls really enjoyed themselves! 

Saturday night I had a beautifully relaxing night babysitting collier. Miss this little boy when I'm away! Bonnie and Brett went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday so I got to hang with little guy!

Sunday morning we woke up (to NO running water because a few houses down had a water main break!) got ourselves looking halfway decent and headed to church. From church we went to Lowe's to pick out some flowers for by our mailbox. We dropped the flowers at my parents while we went out to family brunch for Bonnie's birthday. We went to "Niecy's Cafe" which opened right around the corner from my parents. It was great! 

After brunch we hoped we would come home to water but NO. Tommy went ahead and took on the yard work and did a beautiful job! 

While I grocery shopped for the week and cleaned the house. We had invited 6 couples over for dinner that night and at 4pm I still had no running water. Cue panic. I ran to Bonnie's house to shower and when I got back we had WATER! Phew. Dinner party back in full swing. 

We provided the main neat and everyone else brought side dishes and appetizers. It worked out great! We had the Hartmans, Reynolds, Mitchlers, and soon-to-be Stellings over.  The soon-to-be Bobinski's weren't feeling well. It was a great night catching up with our best friends. 

We had a wonderful weekend and ready to take on my last week (day now) before going back to work full time. 

(Side note. I'm always looking for a good morning devotional that doesn't take half an hour that I can do during the school year. Today the author of the study I did over the summer just launched a new devotional app called First 5 and I tried it today and thought it was great! You can set your alarm through the app so when you turn your alarm off in the morning it goes straight into your daily lesson. ) 

Half Monday! 

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