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Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Beach Trip-North Litchfield

My Nana turned 80 on June 30th and to celebrate she rented a beach house for the week for my family at North Litchfield, South Carolina. This is our favorite place and we haven't been during the summer in years! My parents have property there and are in the works of drawing up plans for their home. 

I arrived on Sunday from charleston. It was so fun seeing Collier on the beach and in the ocean for the first time! We spent Sunday on the beach relaxing and enjoying the sunshine before the rain came late afternoon. We had shrimp and avocado salad for dinner at the house. The house we rented was right on the beach and great! 

On Monday I woke up and went walking with my family. There's not many things I love more than starting my day with a long walk on the beach. Everyone was at the house except Tomny and my brother James. 

We enjoyed a full day on the beach! Brett and my dad went golfing in the afternoon. It was so nice to get quality time with each member of my family. With Claire and James living in Athens I miss them so much. Monday night I made dinner for everyone plus my godmother, Lorna and her husband, Harry. They have a house a stones throw from my parents property. I made an Italian sausage and kale pasta with ice cream pie for dessert. 

Tuesday morning I had a hard time sleeping and so at 5:30 I decided to get up and watch the sun rise. It was a beautiful site! I spent about an hour sitting on the dunes watching and then did my daily devotional by the beach. Such a peaceful morning and great start to my day. Once everyone else was awake I went for a walk and wished Nana a happy birthday. 

My mom decorated with some banners! 

We really lucked out with the weather. The sun was shining and we had a nice breeze every day. Tommy made it just in time for dinner out to celebrate the big birthday! We went to this fantastic Italian restaurant. I had the scallops on a sweet corn risotto. Oh it was so good! 
I was so happy Tommy was able to make it!! 

Wednesday James made it in town! We spent the day on the beach and then had a night out in Murrels inlet with my siblings and Brett and tommy. Grandma and grandpa were on baby duty. We went to Wicked Tuna for dinner. We had fun but the food wasn't great. 

After dinner we went for a walk along the boardwalk. There were a bunch of people crabbing off the side. There are a ton of restaurants along the boardwalk and everywhere was packed! 

Thursday the boys played golf and the girls beached/shopped. Nana bought me and Bonnie some new Jack Rogers. Love my silver ones! Mom made shrimp and grits for dinner at the house. Claire and my dad left Thursday night after dinner to drive back to Atlanta because Claire's flight to Rome for her study abroad left Friday. So jealous of her adventures!! 

Friday was our last full day so we soaked up as much sun as possible. Shannon (daughter of Lorna and Harry) came and joined us on the beach. We stayed out in the wind as long as possible before getting ready for dinner out. We went to another Italian restaurant for dinner (everywhere else we tried was booked and so we were just pretending we were going with Claire!) after dinner we enjoyed just sitting and chatting on the deck enjoying the sea air. 

It's amazing how fast a week beach vacation can fly by. Everyone left Saturday morning to go their separate ways. Tommy and I went back to charleston to spend the fourth with his sister and her boyfriend. More on that later. 

It was a wonderful week filled with love, laughter and relaxation. I love my family so much and enjoy every second with them. Looking forward to another week at the beach at Thanksgiving! 

If you made it through the overload of pictures I'm impressed!!! 

Auntie Lisa and Uncle Tommy loved all the time with collier this week too! 

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