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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Decor for Football Season

What do you do on a Thursday afternoon after a 3 day training....find decorations you made last year and decorate your house for football season! I was bored of the plain (haven't gotten into how to decorate appropriately for Summer) jane look of the house. I love decorating for the seasons and over time I'm slowly collecting some goodies to help decorate with. We are one week away from Football season and it's not cool enough out yet for Fall decorations so I figured why not decorate for Football! 

Here are some photos from around the house. Go Dawgs and War Eagle are the chants that happen in the Robinson household.

(What you do when you don't have a mantle. Hopefully by Christmas!!) 

(Bringing home my chalkboard pens from work tomorrow to make it better but couldn't leave it blank) 

(Why not use cornhole bags in hurricanes) 

Excited for the season to start. We are going to the Dome next weekend for the Auburn game. I'm a fan of Auburn when they aren't playing Georgia. 

So I'm slow on the uptake in this blogging world and I finally explored bloglovin. If you want to officially follow my blog I would love to have you! 

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1 comment:

  1. These pictures terrified Brett - he is scared Ohio State won't live up to the hype and is nervous for next weekend... I say Go DAWGS!!!