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Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day of School-New Position!

Today was my first day as an AA with students! It was odd to say the least not having my own classroom but I enjoyed my day. I got to walk around and see how everyone else's day was going, check on new teachers, check on lunch and a bunch of other random things. Today went very smoothly until after the buses left when a few kids didn't make it home and we had to search to find them. Panic ensued but everyone is accounted for and home safely. When you have 1,000 students it happens but doesn't make you feel good. One other little mishap was one of the trailers ceilings fell down so that teacher had to relocate for the day. It is getting fixed but just shows you can't predict everything. 

Tomorrow will be better. 

Here are a few pictures of my office. I HAD to decorate to make myself feel at home. My office is nothing special but I like it!!

View from the door 
Wall opposite from my desk 

Hopefully it feels welcoming for my teachers at my school. Day one down, 179 more to go! 

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