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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

South African Supper Club

I know I have blogged about supper club before but once a month me and five of my friends meet at one our houses for a homecooked meal made by the host. The host does all the food and we bring whatever drinks we may want that night. Since there are six of us we only have to host twice a year. This month was my turn so I chose to cook a South African meal! (my parents are from SA for those that don't know)

I made a charcuterie platter for appetizers with smoked gouda, honey goat cheese, salami, and sea salt crackers. 

For the main dish I made bobotie, yellow rice, and steamed broccoli. Bobotie is minced meat (ground beef), chutney, spices, raisins, and an egg topping. The seasonings come in a packet that I brought back from SA. I looked on amazon and can't find it! So we can only have bobotie as many times as packets I get from family members that travel back. The last time I went was 2 years ago. It is a delicious casserole! The seasonings in the meat are so interesting that it's hard to describe. You pour the egg mixture on top of the meat and it cooks on top. You serve bobotie with safron rice (I bought the vigo pack which was fantastic). You always need a good veggie on the side so I just steamed some broccoli. 

For dessert I made Malva Pudding. I got the recipe from our good family friend, Harry Stribos. Malva pudding is similar to bread pudding. You bake the pudding and then you make the sauce that you then pour over the top and let it soak into the pudding. It is fantastic! It has some interesting ingredients too like apricot jam. It is my favorite dessert I've had from SA. Harry always makes it when we have a big gathering at their beach house. It's his signature dish.

If I had had time I would have run to Dekalb Farmers Market to buy some Pinotage wine because it's my all time favorite. It's very similar to Pinot Noir but it is only produced in SA. 

We had a great night catching up with everyone! Caroline had just gotten back from her honeymoon the day before, four of us had just finished our first week of school, and lots of other things going on! I look forward to supper club every month and I hope we keep this going for many years to come! 

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