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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nursing So Far Take 2

Like in my first post HERE I want to keep track of what I've been doing regarding breastfeeding for my own knowledge to be able to go back to late. 

So we have made it now EIGHT months of breastfeeding. To be quite honest with you when I was pregnant I wasn't sure I would make it this long. I am so proud of us! In my head I felt like 6 months was a good goal but now that we have made it this far it's only 4 more months until she is one so I want to finish through. I may aim for being done just after 11 months because I have a bachelorette party away for the weekend at the end of April and I think that might be a good time for me to say I'm DONE!

Emma is still doing great going between me and getting a bottle. She doesn't show a preference really over either. She now holds her own bottle at school (BIG GIRL status!) and will do it sometimes for daddy in the morning. Little princess prefers for him to hold it for her but we are working on this. 

Since starting solids, we have dropped down to 4 feedings of breastmilk a day and I dropped down to 4 as well. I was debating keeping that extra one but it just seemed complicated and limiting to me that I just like to stay on her same schedule. I still pump while I'm getting ready in the mornings for about 25 minutes and most days I only get 10 ounces now. She still gets the freshly pumped milk in the mornings (6 ounces) and finishes it all so I have 4 extra ounces to work with the rest of the day. I pump again at 10:30am and 3pm at work and get usually 5 ounces so it's important that I get those extra ounces in the morning. It's pretty amazing when you think about it that I'm getting EXACTLY what she needs each day. I still have a decent freezer stash if needed as well from my weekend extra ounces and such.

I've been very fortunate that I haven't had mastitis ever or any clogged ducts. This is probably why I've been able to make it this long.

We are now on to table foods which she loves most of the time. Not all veggies are our favorite but we keep trying. I am going to see how she does with the table food and bottles to see if she self weens herself off one of them and we will go from there. Right now I'm not planning on dropping any milk bottles just yet. 

We are going strong and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I love breastfeeding and I think it's such a cool connection for her and I but man it's a committment and ties you down. I feel like I am constantly thinking about the next time I need to feed/pump and when things come up having to figure out when I will pump if I need to be somewhere during a feeding. I'm still drinking LOADS of water to keep my milk strong. Emma is growing like a weed which is another amazing thing. I know she's not solely on breastmilk but the fact that my body is nourishing her is a beautiful thing. We are in the home stretch here!

I've blogged so much recently that I don't have many new pictures to share other than this from yesterday which shows you how "nourished" this "little" girl is! 

(I must add that I am in no way saying that you MUST breastfeed or that it's bad to not. This is just my journey. I know it doesn't come easy to many and we all do what works best for us. This is just our journey and could be very different with future children)

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