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Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika today for Friday Favorites! It's been awhile and after my post yesterday I thought I should do a light-hearted post today! I usually do my blogging when I'm pumping at work to make the time pass!

1. I bought these new shoes for walking because I wanted to leave my old pair at the beach so it would be one less thing I would need to pack each week. I love them! So light and comfortable and let's be real I'm not a runner so they are perfect for walking Cooper and Emma in the neighborhood!

and these are my go-to Friday shoes to wear with jeans for work with LF spirit wear. Also a Target find and so comfortable!

2. I just started this book and I'm loving it so far! I LOVE Lauren Graham (especially LOVE Gilmore Girls and Parenthood) and I enjoy audiobooks these days because by the time I'm ready to go to bed I'm ready to go to bed so I don't read. This way I can listen in the car, on my walks, when I'm feeding Emma and cooking. Works for me during this season of my life! I'm only part way through but she talks about the beginning of her career and how Gilmore Girls came about. I'm hooked!

3. Along with audiobooks I also enjoy a good podcast on a crime investigation. Right now I'm listening weekly to Up and Vanished which is about a missing persons crime here in Georgia. It's very similar type to Serial if you liked that or Undisclosed. A friend recommended this to me and it's now on my rotation. I'm not as much of a podcast listener as my husband but we both have enjoyed this series!

 4. When I get a free moment once Emma has gone to bed and I'm on my own I like to watch The Crown on Netflix. I've always been fascinated by the British Monarchy (I studied it on my study abroad in college) and I know it's a fictional show but I still enjoy it!

5. So we are on borrowed time before Emma is moving all over my house at a rapid pace! Right now her playroom is kinda a catch-all room (China Cabinet, her toys, my monogramming table, printer, etc.) so we really need somewhere I can pack away my monogramming things because needles/babies don't mesh well. Since it's Tommy and my birthday next week we decided we would get a desk for in there so we could put most of it away and a drawer or cabinet that we can keep baby-proofed. I am trying to decided between these two here! Opinions appreciated! I can't decide if I need a hutch or not is my dilemma. 

6. The Falcons have made it to the NFC Championship which will be their last home game in the Dome so Atlanta is pretty excited. I can't say I'm a huge professional football fan but I do enjoy an excuse to get together with friends over a football game. Let's go Falcons! 

7. So I really wanted a new camera and so with Christmas money and birthday I decided to invest in the Canon Rebel. I am in LOVE! I love that I can send the pictures over wifi to my phone and get some good quality photos of Emma. I am having fun playing with it and it's definitely my Favorite "toy" right now to play with! 

8.  And lastly I'm excited to spend the weekend with these two of mine! They are always my FAVORITES! (and their Daddy but I don't have a recent picture of him...probably should work on not only taking pictures of the baby and dog!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I know I will!

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