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Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Part One

Finally getting around to blogging about the holidays. We have been BUSY and I haven't had a chance to sit and write down about our holiday season. Christmas festivities really kicked off on December 22nd! I still had to work on the 22nd (SO late this year!) and my principal got a coffee company to come serve coffee and hot chocolate for the staff along with the candy bar myself and my coworker set up in the front office. 

If we have to work on December 22nd atleast we got coffee and candy right?!

That night a few of my college girlfriends and some of their spouses/boyfriends came over for the night. I didn't remember to take any pictures with the girls (major fail) but we had a great time. I got some pictures of Emma before they arrived because we had way too many Christmas outfits to get through! They didn't leave until after midnight! We had appetizers and wine. We enjoyed the nice night out on the deck with the outdoor heater on. 

(so excited it's Winter break with my parents and it's Christmas!)

December 23rd Tommy still had to work but I had a nice baby shower for my best friend, Ansley, at her Aunts house. Baby Gavin we can't wait to meet you! Emma can't wait to have a new buddy to play with.

From the shower I headed to Tommy's parents for the night. Beth and Danny had come in town for Pre-Christmas celebrations before leaving on Christmas Eve to head to Virginia to see Danny's mom. We enjoyed a delicious grilled chicken dinner at the Robinsons before they all headed out to Church. We didn't think Emma would do well at a 7pm service so we didn't join for church. We enjoyed getting time with Beth and Danny relaxing at the house. We always enjoy when they get into town. Cody and Cooper play pretty well together too. Emma had a meltdown after dinner so we scooted home to get her to bed to rest up for Christmas Eve festivities.

 Christmas Eve morning we got up and got ourselves ready for the full day ahead. After Emma's morning nap we headed back to the Robinsons for brunch with Tom, Courtney, Beth, Danny, Marsha, little Courtney, and Andrew. We had a FANTASTIC brunch (so many wonderful goodies) followed by presents. Emma LOVED her new toy from Coco and Tpop.

We all got spoiled but especially the littlest of the crew. Her grandparents and Aunt/Uncle knew how to make her first Christmas a memorable one. We had a great morning getting to see everyone and celebrate Christmas. We left just after noon to run the munchkin home for a nap before going to church. 

We went to the 3pm service at Peachtree Presbyterian with our friends Adrienne, Tray and Langley Chamberlin. The girls did great during the service and thankfully it was a very family friendly service. The Christmas hymns are my absolute favorite. We love our church and really are so thankful we found a place we can call home. 
(Emma you are such a ham. Nothing makes me melt more than that gummy smile)

More to come for the rest of the Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebrations!

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