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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap- Aquarium Edition

So this weekend was a WET one with all the rain we got! Friday night we went to Vintage Pizza for dinner and then came home and watched "Girl on the Train". To say Tommy was traumatized after is an understatement. First off he hates scary movies and even more he hates creepy movies. I read the book a LONG time ago and sort of forgot just how extreme it was. Next time I don't get to pick the movie! Oops 

Saturday was 100% chance of rain so Friday night we decided since he couldn't do his golf day for his birthday we would go to the aquarium. My parents gifted us memberships for Christmas for this exact reason. On rainy days we would have something to do! We went right when they opened in order to beat the crowds. Emma loved it and so did we! I have a very strong feeling on those extremely HOT Summer days or rainy days over the Summer she and I will be frequenting the aquarium. 

Saturday afternoon we played and she tried figuring out crawling. Once Emma woke up from her nap we met the Mitchlers and Reynolds at Kaleidoscope for an early dinner. We ended the night with a few episodes of Homeland before calling it a day. Great Saturday in my books!

 so much drool....oh the joys of teething!

Sunday morning we made it to the 8:45am service. I had planned on taking Emma to the nursery for the first time but she still woke up with a cough and a runny nose so I didn't want to get anyone else's kid sick so I brought her in with us to the sanctuary. Definitely not doing that again. She is such a wriggle worm these days and definitely didn't want to be seated with me during the service. You live and learn. (just a little pre-church photo shoot)

(wearing a cardigan that my mom's grandmother so Emma's great-great-grandmother made...also don't mind the mess that is our dining room table behind her)

Once we got home I did our weekly grocery shopping before making some appetizers for the Falcons game. We went to the Stellings for the game and WOO Go Falcons. Can't believe we are SUPERBOWL bound! I'm not a big NFL fan (prefer my college football games) but when your city hasn't made it to the Superbowl in a LONG time you root them on! Tommy was happy his tennis match got canceled due to the rain so he was able to watch the game from start to finish. 

I went to bed at 8:15 last night because #mommawastired. Looking forward to this week celebrating mine and Tommy's birthday. 

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