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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Emma: 8 Months

It's January 10th and Emma is 8 months old! 

No height and weight this month but I think she's around 20 pounds

Diaper: we are switching into size 4 as we speak
Clothes: 9 months

Wow this past month a LOT has changed and a lot has happened! Since December 10th you have gone to countless Christmas parties, had your first Christmas, went to the beach for New Years, got to spend 2 weeks at home (which Mommy LOVED), and lots of time spent with family. 

Milestones: You got one of your top front teeth and the other one will be here shortly we think, you started getting up on all fours, you can scoot yourself backwards but not forwards, you can scoot yourself in a complete circle on your belly, you have gotten way more stable sitting up (but you still get distracted and topple backwards), and you started table foods (with quite the range of sound effects).

Likes: bread products, all your new toys from Christmas, books (especially board books), playing in the bath, playing with Cooper, and FOOD in general. 

Dislikes: some veggies (weird textures so far), anyone but mom or dad after 5 pm, when an adult take things from you that she shouldn't have, getting your diaper changed or your clothes changed.

Emma your personality is really starting to shine. You love to interact with us as though you are having a conversation. You are so smart and so beautiful. You are such a smiley and happy baby. We could just eat you up! We love you so much sweet girl and can't wait to see what 2017 holds for you. 

( the sound affects when she's is eating is too funny to me)

(oh the giggles. makes my heart melt)

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